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Vaultari for Partners

Driving digital competitive advantage

If you're a document management company who are involved in archiving of documents, archiving storage boxes or digital document archiving solutions and want to maintain competitive edge, drive growth, add revenue and offer your clients a better solution, look no further than Vaultari – a revolution in digital solutions for scanned documents and archive document software.

The range of service offering is an important factor in competition as your clients will have a variety of needs. Bringing to them a high quality and cost effective solution such as Vaultari, to service their digital archive document needs will increase the likelihood of repeat business in other areas as you become reliable in adding value to their business.

Vaultari drives competitive advantage through better management of archived documents as a cloud solution to store and retrieve any document instantly. Clients document storage retrieval is made simple giving them access to their documents immediately anytime, anywhere.

The Elevator Pitch

  • Additional revenue streams

  • Multi-User log in

  • Streamline and make your own systems much more efficient

  • Differentiation from your competitors 

  • Enables you to go after new contracts

  • Expand your geography no more need to only serve a local market

  • A new and better solution for your clients

  • Faster solution for clients to access their documents

  • Less resource heavy – repurpose resource efficiently

  • Hit sustainability KPIs

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