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Features & Benefits

Vaultari is a feature rich archive document software solution for secure interaction with archive documents anywhere, anytime.

Storage, Search and Retrieval:
  • Content can be searched by folder name, document name, document content or meta data

  • Extremely powerful and granular search capability

  • Search results are returned instantly, highlighting the results and where they occur

  • Simple upload ability

  • Unlimited storage capacity

The benefits of this approach is that Vaultari provides easy retrievability of content through being able to find all relevant documents instantly. Information is easily discovered and located no matter the volume of content uploaded. Documents are added and indexed in realtime allowing for instant searchability and access, twinned with a flexibile and scalable approach to meet your growing storage needs, 


Access and Security:
  • Access to the system can be through standard methods or more complex two factor authentication

  • Administrative users can create/delete or suspend users

  • Access to folders and documents can be determined on a user by user basis

  • Relevant information can be shared through assigned, approved users, either on an individual or group basis,

  • Data is held in an encrypted and secure form with backup in place

  • Access logs are recorded allowing search and retrieval trails

  • Automatic time-out features

The above features allow for greater control with full auditable visibility over documents being accessed and where they are being accessed from. Vaultari also ensures privacy of confidential information whilst maintaining a high level of security. The benefit of variable folder rights allows information to be allocated and shared on a needs basis.

  • Capable of being integrated with your existing storage solution through our API 

  • No installation required, simple plug and play

  • Easily create, move and edit folders and content

The benefits of this is that there is no need for a long, drawn out and costly deployment programme. Vaultari can simply be installed in a matter of minutes with no complicated IT oversight allowing for instant upload of documents and full use of the software's features.

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