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Case Studies

"I was surprised by its ease of use and intuitive interface but more importantly the excellent searching capabilities."

A large scanning company who supplied on-premise based document retrieval software to their clients had recognised for some time that the trend was towards cloud based systems, however had found that they couldn't provide the functionality that their clients required, came with an unaffordable price tag or were completely over engineered making them completely user unfriendly.

They discovered Vaultari and recognised that not only would it provide everything that their clients needed in terms of accessing archive documents remotely, but would cut down the amount of time that they required to manage their processes, add value to their offering, gave them an added revenue stream and gave them an edge over their competitors.


Using a white labelled version of the system, they migrated several of their customers to the software and are rolling it out the rest of their customer base while using it as part of their offering to win new customers by allowing them to access archive documents on-demand .

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