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Vaultari for Clients

 Documents anywhere, anytime

Vaultari – A digital document storage solution that provides real-time access to your documents to help you manage archive files and document sharing.

With no need for your data to be delivered on a USB or in physical form retrieved from an archive storage box, Vaultari gives you access to your documents immediately and because it is cloud based you can access it anytime and from any device.

Only have documents in paper form? Not a problem, we can provide you with a scanning service through our partners who can scan your documents and also retain or destroy them once complete.

The Elevator Pitch

  • Gives instant access to online document storage

  • Simple online document retrieval

  • On any device anywhere

  • Allows search by file name or by content

  • Meta-data searching

  • Permissioned folder hierarchy

  • Secure document storage with multi-factor authentication

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