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Why metadata is important

What is metadata and why it is useful for Vaultari clients?

Metadata is, in effect, data about data. It gives information about whatever data source you are looking at and often allows it to be put into context. There are various thoughts on where the concept began but it is most commonly traced back to the practice of library cataloging and this starts to demonstrate as to why it is a useful feature in the archiving of documents in our online storage solution, Vaultari.

Often when working with a document there are questions such as who wrote this? where did it come from? when was it written? etc. The answer to these can all be managed through the use of document metadata. Document metadata can be stored inside the document and with our cloud document storage solution it can be extracted automatically at the point of upload or added within our system subsequently. So how would this be used practically? Well for example imagine you are looking to store archive documents online and want to be able to search for those created by a particular author or organisation in a particular date range. As this metadata would be stored within the documents settings it would searchable within Vaultari. You may also want to apply certain metadata to documents eg the fact that they are from a certain country, that they belog to a certain collection or were originally held in a certain archive storage box. All of this can be searched by Vaultari allowing extremely granular and specific online document retrieval.

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