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Need to Optimise Your Workspace?

The current landscape we find ourselves in has thrown up many challenges that may have been overlooked before and has led to new problems to be solved. New problems such as How to Optimise the workspace and become more robust at delivering services without interruption?

Reducing room usage for storing boxes of archive documents is one way. How can this prove cost effective and efficient? By digitising your documents and warehousing them on a solution such as Vaultari which provides access to documents on-demand anywhere anytime.

Whilst it has been proven that people can work from home and can carry out the majority of their duties (Industry dependant), there will still be the need to venture into the office from time to time and “Hot-Desk” at other locations when needed.

How do companies optimise their workspace to ensure comfort and adherence to safety measures for staff and visitors without incurring extra costs in doing so?

As mentioned at the top, reducing room usage for storing documents and repurposing those rooms for “Hot Desking” is one way. This can be done by digitising your documents and storing them on Vaultari. Vaultari allows you to access your archive documents on-demand from any location, it is a powerful, efficient cloud solution with secure document permissioning to combat loss of information and potential nightmare scenarios of people accessing documents they would not have been allowed to see beforehand meaning documents can only be viewed if rights have been granted.

Vaultari has enhanced searching capability including metatags meaning you do spend time sifting through documents to find the right one, it is available instantly at your fingertips.

So think twice about the potential costs and time involved before outsourcing your documents for storage in order to optimise your workspace. A better way to access your archive documents is already here.

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