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The Security of Vaultari

How secure is your information and documents? Cybersecurity and data breaches have dominated the thoughts of business leaders across all industries.

Vaultari can alleviate these concerns through its various security levels. The first level is through an individual username and password that is required to be updated every 30 days. The second level is the use of multi-factor authentication requiring the user to enter a unique code, generated on a second device in order to complete their login to the system. The third level is device registration, the number of which can be capped at an agreed level by an administrator, preventing unrecognised devices accessing a users account. The fourth level is IP address identification, which like all of our security features can be turned on or off depending upon requirement. This prevents access from an unrecognised location. Finally the fifth level is provided through full audit logs showing who has accessed what, from where and when.

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