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The smartest way to access archive documents online in the cloud

Archived documents are no longer in storage boxes they are accessible on demand in the cloud through Vaultari, Archive Document Software.

Access Archive Documents Remotely

Accessible on any device, Vaultari enables archived documents to be stored, organised, searched and retrieved anywhere remotely and at any time. Vaultari is a simple yet secure online document repository for storing, managing and accessing archive files. No requirements for

 on-premise software, transferring data with portable drives or retrieving physical documents from storage boxes.

Access Archive Documents

Archived documents are accessible

on-demand. Vaultari's cloud based solution is document storage made simple, giving you intelligent document access with all content stored in the cloud. Accessible via mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet devices. Your documents in the cloud are always available on demand. Vaultari delivers a digital smart document management solution.

Secure Document Access Remotely in the Cloud

Secure electronic document storage with features such as multi-factor authentication, Vaultari allows textual content and meta-data searching within document and file storage. A user friendly interface provides controlled access permissioning and privileges to documents based on administrative settings. Access can be set at an individual user or group level.

Who are we

The Solution

When you need to access archive documents online, look no further than Vaultari. We are more than simply dropping documents in a box.

Vaultari has been developed specifically as an archived document management system. We provide a cloud solution to store and retrieve any document within seconds.

No longer do you need to incur unnecessary costs and time spent searching for and retrieving your data to be delivered on a USB or physical documents days after you have requested it.

With Vaultari you have secure access to your archived documents immediately and because it is cloud based you can access it anytime on any device.

How it works

Cloud Document Storage


A truly revolutionary way to store, find and deliver information.

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